Simon Knell. 2021 (published September 2020). The Museum’s Borders: On the Challenge of Knowing and Remembering Well, Routledge, London. Technology is critical to the concepts of ‘contemporary museology’, ‘the contemporary museum’, and ‘the global contemporary’, that I developed in the late 2010s. In this book, chapter 7 considers the implications of technological change for the museum as a supposed truth institution.

Simon J. Knell. 2003. ‘The shape of things to come: museums in the technological landscape‘, Museum and Society, 1(3), 132-46. Versions also published as ‘Future museums: a European perspective’ in Huang, K. (ed.) Crisis and Opportunity: Museums in the New Century, National Museum of History, Taipei, 24-51, and in a shortened version for M Museos de México y del Mundo, 1(2), 18-27. [A reflection on the technocrat’s imaginings of museum futures]