National Museums Making Histories in a Diverse Europe


Peter Aronsson (Eunamus lead & editor), Simon Knell (work package lead & editor) and the Eunamus consortium. 2012. National Museums Making Histories in a Diverse Europe, Eunamus Report No. 7, Linköping University Press, Linköping.


This report brings together the final conclusions of the Eunamus consortium. Eunamus sought to understand how European national history museums might contribute to a more socially cohesive Europe.


Full free access via the link above or by clicking the download button below. This is the final dissemination report of the Eunamus project. It is richly illustrated, succinct and accessible.



National museums in a changing Europe
What is a national museum?

National Museum as Medium

National museums give the nation concrete form
National museums stage performances for psychological effect
Elites speaking to elites
National museums are about history
National museums give reassurance in a changing world

National Museum Histories

National museums adopt two representational strategies
National museums deploy three narrative perspectives
National museum narratives are constrained by the political complexion of the nation
National museums produce necessary histories
National museum silences deny citizenship to minorities
National museum narratives play on empathy and emotion
National museums narrate reconciliation
European histories are faceted and hegemonic

Conclusion: National Museums, History and a Socially Cohesive Europe